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Ryan Stiggants

"I am astounded by how much I have been taught during this short period of time."

When studying for his BTEC Level 3 in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, Ryan Stiggants developed an interest in marketing. After graduating back in 2013, he decided that the best route to his dream career was to pursue an apprenticeship as part of the Peter Jones Foundation’s Ignite Apprenticeships scheme. Here, Ryan describes a little bit about his time learning on the job with mobile technology firm Zeta

“The course I am on is based around learning a trade and contributing to the growth and development of a business by bringing new and innovative ideas and procedures into that company. 

Digital marketing is an aspect of business that has always caught my eye and it is an industry I wished to learn more about. I looked at a number of different companies for my apprenticeship and tried to find one with the correct business ethics and ambition that would help me achieve only the highest standards.

I decided to get in contact with Zeta after looking into previous work they had completed and reading testimonials from their clients. When I first met Managing Director Roger Allen and Marketing Executive Matt Walker, I knew that this was a company that believed in providing an educational and motivational environment for students and staff from varied working backgrounds.

When I started, I got to work straight away for a client called OFAI, an office furniture company based in Southampton. The first task I completed in the role involved meeting the client. This approach by Zeta showed to me the importance of making sure that clients receive excellent treatment and that their requirements are always kept foremost in mind.

Since then I have spent time learning about Magento, a really top-spec e-commerce website creation platform; having been set the task of creating an innovative project that could benefit a current Zeta procedure, I developed a training plan to help teach clients how to manage and edit their new Magento e-commerce website. This is something I have tested and will explore further with the company. I have also learned a lot about search engine optimization and how a successful AdWords campaign is managed.

When I started here a year ago, I had rather basic knowledge of digital marketing. I am astounded by how much I have been taught during this short period of time working with Zeta and the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy at Westminster Kingsway College. I hope to further develop the skills and knowledge that I have acquired and put them into practice in future Zeta projects.”