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Pepé Carrie

"The Peter Jones enterprise academy gave me the skills and guidance needed to start my own business. At 20 I now run a successful recruitment company."

“To study business and entrepreneurship at an academy founded by Peter Jones, who I look up to, was a great experience. When I left school, I had very few qualifications but always had it in my mind that I would work for myself one day. I wanted to study business at college, but the courses available were very textbook-based and for me the best way to learn is to actually do it for real. 

I joined the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy because it offered more than any other business course. It gives you the skills and knowledge needed to start and run your own business and you learn from people who have genuine industry experience, which is a massive bonus because they give advice that you don’t get on a standard course.

When I graduated from the Academy I got a job at Aston Villa Football Club, working in the hospitality area. The reason behind this decision was because it allowed me to mix with CEOs of large companies, football club owners and players’ families. After a year at Aston Villa, I started a recruitment agency called AMPE Recruitment, specialising in the finance industry. We now recruit for large, multimillion-pound companies.

I have lots of plans for the future: I will continue to run AMPE Recruitment, expanding it across Europe and America – just one year into the business, I am already exploring the possibility of expanding to Germany; I also have plans to start an investment company focusing on young people’s businesses, helping them secure the funding they need to get going. 

The Academy has impacted my life massively. I learnt so much during my time on the course, picked up so many new skills and grew in confidence. I would encourage any young person who aspires to be an entrepreneur to join their nearest Academy and start their success story.”