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“We are a dynamic team, we sometimes squabble, but we always solve our differences with a compromise, which leads to a better result all round.”

“We heard about the Tycoon in Schools competition through one of our business teachers, who, after our success running a Christmas-tree stall at a fair the previous year, thought we’d like to compete. We decided to join the competition because we saw this as the perfect opportunity to start getting our proposition from the planning phase into the test phase. We knew that if we did well enough, it would definitely help us understand what we needed to launch our business.  

We’ve learnt so many skills and lessons through the competition as well. One personal lesson for me was developing my sales skills. At the start, I was slightly too excited, which came across as aggressive and pushy, so I toned it down and turned that excitement into a way to convince people to buy our product, which definitely worked. Another thing was time management – something both of us have definitely struggled with throughout our lives, but we’ve got it down to a fine art now.  We also got a taste for what people want and we have discovered many things about the business world.

Since the competition, we’ve started to perfect the boards for skating on. As well as working on our other products, we’re planning a release with a designer from Oslo.”

Whitley Bay High School Sixth Form students George Peterson and Finley Stewart, under the company name Mount, produce and sell cruiser skateboards as both wall art and functional skateboards. The talented pair impressed during the 2014 Tycoon in Schools competition, earning a profit of more 1700 percent. You can follow their progress on Twitter @MountCruisers