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Joseph Panasiuk

"For anyone interested in entrepreneurship, I would highly recommend the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy."

Enterprise is about having an idea and creating a strategy to implement that idea. The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy is not a traditional textbook course; the most important lessons are learned by going out into the field and creating your own business, making mistakes and coming to understand what it takes to succeed. 

I would say the most important lesson I learned on the course is the value of other people. The success of my business is owed entirely to other people: employees, mentors, networks and customers. 

Following the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, I went on to finish a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Sheffield Hallam University. I also set up my first long-term business. I am now 21 and my company is in its fourth year of operation. We are once again on target to double our turnover in 2015. Joseph Sebastian Automobiles (currently rebranding) derives its income from trading in classic and prestige automobile investments, as well as from building specialist vehicles.

I am also very excited to announce the launch of a new start-up this year that will no doubt raise a few eyebrows. Once again in the luxury goods sector, we have some very impressive companies backing us. 

Current employment: Company director @ Joseph Sebastian Automobiles Limited (currently rebranding), Managing Partner @ Hemmingway’s Limited