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Jaspal Purewal

"Being part of the Academy has enabled me to express myself with confidence."

“I am a huge fan of Peter Jones CBE, so when I found out about the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy course I jumped on it straight away. I knew it was a chance for me to develop my career in entrepreneurship and to build on my current skill set by starting my own business and gaining the guidance I needed.

University wasn’t an option for me, despite growing up in a family where university was seen as the only way to become successful. I wanted to prove to my family that I could achieve without university, so I joined the Academy.

My business plan was to produce and develop my own branded beer. At the time it was a big ask and I knew I had a huge task on my hands. But, with past experience in the drinks industry, I knew I was able to achieve my dream goal of launching my own brand. 

Not only have I completed the course, I’ve learnt an awful lot. I now produce my own craft beer range in a brewery that I own. It’s amazing and I couldn’t ask for more. I’ve met many people through the course – including a few famous faces – and it has given me the motivation to keep going and be the best I can be. Being part of the Academy has enabled me to express myself with confidence, knowing that I have the skills to cope with any pressure that comes my way.

I now own two businesses: The Indian Brewery and #EnterpriseHour. I run The Indian Brewery with my two younger brothers, my parents and a team that we have created to brew our amazing craft beers and real ales. Craft beer is all about brewing in small batches; it’s about putting your heart into the products and aiming to create the best beer anyone has ever tasted. When it comes to craft beer, we only use the best ingredients – we believe that what you put in is what you get out.

#EnterpriseHour, a Twitter sensation, was actually created during one of my lunch breaks when I was studying with the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy. I wanted to create a platform on social media that could help promote small to medium-sized businesses by giving them the chance to network for an hour every week. The Twitter account @EnterpriseHour now has just fewer than ten thousand followers.