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Jacob Knowles

"The Academy helped me realise that there is an alternative to university."

“I set up my business, ‘JK Sail,’ whilst studying at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy. JK Sail sells clothes and accessories that can be worn whilst sailing and doing other outdoor activities.

My interpersonal skills and confidence has increased since taking the course and I also gained financial and marketing knowledge.

The highlights of the course were pitching to Peter Jones CBE in his boardroom as a finalist of the National Entrepreneur of the Year Award, networking at exciting events and meeting my business mentor who gives me lots of support.

I believe that in the current market the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy course is actually more valuable than a university degree because it teaches you that if you can’t find a job then you can make one for yourself. That is a message that I am trying to spread amongst my friends.

I expect big things for the future and I’m continuing to put all my efforts into making his business a success.”