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Greg Price

"Entrepreneurship is fun!"

Being an entrepreneur is fun and I love it! Aged 15 I realised that I was an entrepreneur. I used to sell chocolate and sweets to friends and family at school and in my free time. When I was 16 I set up a small tableware company, which was my own brand called ‘Gregory Steven’. I wanted to create an ethical British brand; however, I didn’t feel passionate about the business and it was shut down when I was 17 after only making a small amount of profit. 

Straight after this business failure, I got back up on my feet and set up a car washing business with my friend Sam – we once cleaned 40 cars in just one village. After two months of doing this during the summer time of 2014, we had made well over £1,000. With my share of the money I started investing in mini projects on eBay, and after a few months I was able to turn my cut of the money into £3,000. I have now completed over 100 transactions on eBay with 100% customer satisfaction. 

In my opinion an entrepreneur is a person who has a desire and passion for changing the way that people live their lives, taking financial risks during his or her journey. I am now 18 and still pursuing my dream of owning businesses that change billions of people’s lives; no one can stop me from achieving my dream.

When I first realised that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I decided that after secondary school I would go somewhere to learn more about entrepreneurship. All of my friends went to sixth form, but I joined the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, where I learnt so much about business.  

A friend of mine, who owns a successful company called Neutron Group ©, introduced me to the course, and from then on I knew that being an entrepreneur was my passion and future; I knew that I would be able to further my knowledge of how to set up a business and complete transactions swiftly. 

I am currently learning more about technology – after all, it is the future. This year I am looking into investing in buy-to-let property schemes and I will also be starting to create YouTube videos focusing on my experience of entrepreneurship. I am excited for what the future holds. 

Twitter: @gregpricee