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Fusion Jewellery

“We are proud of our efforts and really pleased that they were recognised by Peter Jones."

Fusion Jewellery, from Coloma Convent Girls’ School in Croydon, combined clever wholesale buying with creative handmade jewellery, to become a finalist in Tycoon in Schools 2014.

Chinemelum Anyamene said: “We learnt to co-operate with each other, even though we are all from different friendship groups, and how to communicate and form strong bonds with customers so that we could persuade them to buy our products. We also learnt how the mind of the customer works, for example, if there is poor presentation, customers won’t be attracted to our products, and if there is poor communication, then customers won’t understand and won’t buy.  

“We came to appreciate the power of social media and how if used properly this can really cut marketing and other costs. Finally, we learnt how hard a business is to run, and the amount of hard work and time it takes to run.”   

Head of Business Studies at Coloma Convent Girls’ School, Celia Hugget said: “As a teacher I have been so encouraged to see such motivated young businesswomen at work!  They have worked really well as a team, holding weekly board meetings to discuss matters arising and to delegate responsibilities.  They have been innovative in their product and packaging designs whilst still listening to their market research to ensure that they met the demands of their target market.  

“The highlight for me has been to see how they have used social media and the internet to create a ‘buzz’ for their company across the local community.

“Many thanks to the Peter Jones Foundation for running this competition and for giving our pupils the chance and the confidence to be the next generation of successful female entrepreneurs.”