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Star of Storage Hunters inspires PJEA students to follow their dreams

Budding entrepreneurs at Amersham College have been inspired by a talk from an American television Sean Kelly. The PJEA students were visited by the presenter of Storage Hunters, a popular television series in which the storage containers of non-paying customers are auctioned off. 

Kelly, the brains behind the show, had always dreamed of being on television, and sold the idea for this programme to an American TV network. 

He was invited to speak at Amersham College by PJEA tutor Shaun McCarthy, who met him when he was with the students on a trip to the Brand Licensing Europe Show at London Olympia.  

The high profile entrepreneur shared his tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur and told the students to dream big and to keep faithful to their vision, urging them “not to let anyone trash your dream!” 

According to Kelly, having the guts to try something new is the key to business success. He encouraged the students to see mistakes as proof that they have had the guts to try, and to learn from what has happened rather than seeing mistakes as something negative. He also recommended that the young entrepreneurs seek out expert advice to help them achieve their goals. 

Shaun McCarthy, tutor at Amersham College, said “It was a pleasure to invite such an inspirational entrepreneur to share his advice with our students. He gave some fantastic insights into the entrepreneurial mindset that the students will be able to take on board as they continue with their studies at the PJEA.” 

Kelly’s visit was one of a series of talks held by the college on a regular basis, where guests share their life experience and provide business advice. Previous talks were by a local entrepreneur who discussed how his BTEC has set him up to build a successful brickmaking business, and a senior member of the BMW team, who spoke about the BMW innovation department.