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Intuit is a leading provider of business and financial management solutions for small businesses and their advisors, including accountants and bookkeepers.

Intuit’s products help more than 60 million customers in over 130 countries to improve their financial lives so profoundly that they can’t imagine going back to the old way of doing things. Intuit is committed to helping businesses start, grow and thrive by making it easy to manage the financial aspects of running a business, such as getting paid, tracking income and expenses and managing cash flow, paying employees and dealing with VAT.

At Intuit, they know what it’s like to run a small business, and they know how challenging it can be, especially when it seems like the little details are getting in the way of the big objectives. That’s why the company has developed easy-to-use accounting software to help budding entrepreneurs and business owners get on top of their finances from the start. Whether it’s a simple invoicing system or managing the entire business, Intuit software can help you save time and stay compliant. Intuit offer two types of business accounting software. QuickBooks Online, which you access on the internet from any Mac or PC and QuickBooks Desktop, which is software you buy and install on your computer. Both provide startups with accounting solutions needed to effectively run and grow a business.

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