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Our Stories

Backstage Bunting

"It proves that hard work really does pay off."

Duaa Arshad

"I have always wanted to create something that screams passion, and studying at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy was a key element that supported me throughout this journey."


“We are a dynamic team, we sometimes squabble, but we always solve our differences with a compromise, which leads to a better result all round.”

Sallyha Din

“It felt like an entirely new chapter of my life and, just as I expected, the course was amazing.”

Kara Riall

"I immediately thought it would be a great opportunity to expand and showcase my designs to a wider audience and maybe even make some money along the way."

Ollie Forsyth

“I am so glad I joined the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy. It’s certainly the best decision I have ever made.”

Jaspal Purewal

"Being part of the Academy has enabled me to express myself with confidence."

Ethical Print

“It was an experience of a lifetime.”

Jordan Christie

“I decided to go ahead and apply for the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy course, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.”


“We learnt how to work as a team and lots about running a business and selling to the public.”