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Our Stories

Renoll Webb

"My dad always told me, 'If you find a job that you love you will never work another day in your life', and I believe that through and through."

Pepé Carrie

"The Peter Jones enterprise academy gave me the skills and guidance needed to start my own business. At 20 I now run a successful recruitment company."

Richard Doggett

"I could hardly wait to meet fellow budding entrepreneurs, discuss business ideas and create my own successful company."


“To anyone thinking of taking part next year, I would say go for it.”

Fiorella Fredrick

"The Academy encouraged me to present myself confidently in front of my peers and show everyone what I am capable of."


“We enjoyed spotting a business opportunity, working as a team and the chance to trade as a real business with real money."

Funnelling 4 Fuel

"It was such a surreal experience. We were pitching our products and negotiating, when normally we would have had private study in the library."

Nathan Sansby

"I actually decided not to go to university and endeavoured into business straight from the Academy. I'm now currently positioned as the account director of a million pound business."

We Cann Do Gifts

“Our school ethos is about what we can do rather than what we are unable to do.”

Jack Crofts

"I'm really on the way to setting up my own business now. If you’re thinking about studying business then the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy is perfect."